Fixed Lean / Pitch Angle Mode?

Is there a mode that fixes the pitch angle? e.g. hover when sticks are neutral but commanded pitch above a certain threshold will cause the copter to hold a fixed pre-configured pitch angle.

I do not understand the question. Please explain what you want, and why you want it.

ummm… constant pitch angle?

say you have a device that is fixed to the craft and does not move relative to the craft, be it fixed camera, other sensor, etc…

and in forward flight you want it oriented at a particular angle, and since it is rigidly fixed to the craft, you want to command the craft to a fixed angle of attack…

so is there a flight mode that allows you to maintain a pre-configured pitch angle while moving forward, while maintaining altitude and stabilizing roll and yaw…

So alt hold with constant pitch angle when moving forward…

is that clear enough?

AltHold does exactly just that. You could set up a switch on your RC controller to send a constant value, when you need it.

how would one do that? for example I want the aircraft to hold 30 deg or perhaps 45 deg lean when moving forward. how would one configure this in mission planner?

your stick selects the angle from zero to max. if the aircrafts max angle is 60 degrees and you want to go 45 degrees then give it 60% pitch or roll and it will hold 45 degrees.

oh, i was hoping that one could fix the pitch angle by flipping one of the aux switches, for example. maybe that would require a custom flight mode.

you dont need to make it that complicated, you can just setup a switch on your radio to add +60% to the elevator channel.

Yea, you don’t configure it in mission planner. Just use a switch mix on your transmitter as @geofrancis suggests.

you can connect a servo and use it as a pitch gimbal if you want to keep the camera or sensors level.

looks like my transmitter (turnigy evolution) doesnt allow for switch mixing. I will search for another transmitter. suggestions appreciated.

Radiomaster TX16S - the only game in town


thanks. just dropped $300 on one. hopefully will be the last transmitter ill need.

Just thinking out loud… add in a slider so you could change the mix and you could adjust the speed. This could be a fun diversion on a wintery evening.

How is elevator / pitch stick signal mapped to commanded pitch angle? is it linear or something else? will angle ANGLE_MAX define angle at 100% or does ANGLE_MAX clip another mapping? Is there a way to observe commanded pitch angle in realtime in mission planner?

Basically I want to know if i set ANGLE_MAX to 40 deg, will 75% elevator stick signal lead to 30 deg pitch?

i set max angle to 35 deg, and a mixer switch to about 65% elevator / pitch. the resulting desired angle tops out at about 23 deg. so it appears that ANGLE_MAX sets the angle limits and the signal is mapped proportionally to the limits.

I did end up going the EdgeTX route. I set up a switch to turn on my “cruise control”, and then a slider is used to input a forward pitch signal between 0 and 100% (no reverse). There’s a few safety’s that it only works when I’m in loiter mode, the slider needs to be reset to minimum before it will output any value, and the pitch stick can still override the slider if I need to take over in a hurry. It’s been good fun for cruising around with FPV.

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