Fix vs sat available

I live in a city, Orlando, so finding sats shouldn’t be too difficult. My question is, if I’m not regularly getting available sats, is there something wrong in the works?

chances are you have some other rf device t close to the gps. or need to move out into the open.

a few computers and multiple wifi enabled devices… do you think they are the culprit? I’ll take my laptop and amp card for a walk this afternoon. thanks. I just ordered a ublox -7m 10 hz gps unit. do you think I’ll have the same issues with it or will the extra 5 hz give it the power to punch through?

I think you are mistaken about some basics of GPS. Being “in a city” would actually be worse because there are lots of things to block signal or cause multi-path reflection. If you are indoors, GPS reception will generally be poor.

The update rate is not power to “punch” anything. GPS is passive, it just listens to a very weak satellite signal.