Fix problem and Identifying Esc becouse they are not working properly

Hello, can anyone tell me more about these esc or what i can do?
I bought the esc’s a few years ago and i think, that they were pretty new and good but now i want to reflash them and reset the settings so i opened blheli configurator but it doesn´t recognize them.
Another weird thing is, that there is a cmputer chip on them but the chip isnt labeled
No i wondert if they are blheli escs or simonk or nothing and if i could flash them. can anyone help me?
(Before anybody asks: they have power when i connect them to the Pc, Esc passthrough is activated and they are still working. I want to reflash them becouse they work but the motors are spinning if the throtle stick is at the bottom and not spinning if the throttle stick on the top and they are starting to spin on the last quater down(first i wanted to calibrate them but they didnt got into the calibration mode.))

The Log when connecting to blheli configurator:Log.txt (15.4 KB)