Fishing Boat

Greetings! I want to make my own fishing boat based on ArduPilot.
I want my boat to do next things:
Boat in the PU operation mode:
on the tablet you have to install WP;

With the tablet:

Boat with Home WP goes alternately on each set WP
(Home-> WP # 1-> HOME-> WP # 2 etc …) by a commando from the tablet.

Upon reaching any WP # * boat stops at 5c, during this pause is triggered actuator.

The boat returns to the HOME WP, on commando sent from the tablet to the next WP.

The rate should decrease when approaching the WP, and HOME.

Start and stop should be smooth.

Is it real? Sorry for my bad english

Sorry but I am struggling to understand your question.
You can program the boat to go to a waypoint (WP) and then do an RTL to return to home and then another waypoint if you want.
You can pause the boat at a waypoint for a configurable number of seconds.
You could activate a servo using the camera trigger functionality
Hope my answers help.
Thanks, Grant.

My boat waving not float directly to wp. This like as if the steering servo is late 3s. Any idea, navl period set to 17-18.

This sort of problem can happen if the autopilot is not correctly “tuned” resulting in too much correction being applied and the vehicle “over-shooting” its steering corrections. the following link shows how to adjust the PID values.
Tuning Turn Rate — Rover documentation (
Hope that this helps,