Fishing boat with GPS on Ardupilot

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I came up with the idea of ​​building a fishing boat with Ardupilot. I am currently collecting information on who has done this before. Has anyone done something like this before? Can you share the result?

I found the CarpPilot pro app. Maybe someone knows something similar or even better.

I would be grateful for any information.
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Just for your consideration: Using Ardupilot for manned vehicles is explicitly forbidden, but there had been some exceptions in the past if there were safeguards in place that allowed for immediate manual override, AND the vehicle wasn’t presenting any realistic danger to its passenger. I think a small and slow fishing boat could fall under these exceptions, but you should make it very clear that you’re aware of all this and that you will implement manual overrides.

(Of course, nobody can prevent you from building a manned 300km/h Ardupilot-commanded quadcopter-speedboat, but you’re unlikely to get any help for that here :wink: )

Hello Oli!

I plan to build a boat with sonar and the ability to unload fish bait.
I think it will be a platform Rover with a Boat configuration. Boat Configuration — Rover documentation

I think it won’t be too difficult.

Are you talking about a bait boat? That’s different from a fishing boat. You can probably do most of the functions of that carp app from Qground control.

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Yes. I plan to use Carp Pro Pilot Qround control.