First year of new forum - some statistics

About one month ago - March 28, to be more precise -, the forum based on the open source Discourse system made one year since it was officially opened. Due to lack of time I’ve been delaying doing a post with some simple statistics of how the forum activity has improved over this year, but finally it is here. The data presented in this post is from April 1. 2016 to March 31, 2017.

Apologies for the poor quality of the images, it was a quick work in Excel.

In this first graph is what I consider most important. For every month we have:

  • number of new posts (left axis)
  • number of new topics (right axis)
  • the daily average hours for the first answer to a new topic (right axis)

While posts and topics didn’t have a huge increase, they have been slowly growing. Given these are numbers for each month, it means we have a constant stream of new information, which is good.
I have to say that I am very proud to see that the average time to answer new topics have decreased so much - from more than 8 days to less than 15 hours. It is incredible how much our community has improved that users are now helping each other with so fast responses.

This second graph shows for each month:

  • number of new users (left axis)
  • the daily average number of user visits (left axis)
  • the number of pageviews (excluding web crawlers) (right axis)

These are better looking numbers and probably why our response time decreased so much. Not only the number of new users each month has been increasing (although not consistently), but the number of user visits and pageviews has increased almost every month - with pageviews more than tripling!

We want to take this time to give a huge thank you to our fantastic community! Without you this forum wouldn’t have the improvement we had over this first year. I hope that we continue to deserve your trust and that you can continue to help each other, making this forum a great place to ask for help and share your knowledge.


Congrats, Happy first year !!!
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THANK´S GUYS to make this community possible :smiley