First try with In flight FFT

Hello everyone.

Yesterday I did the first flight with the 680mm drone with the Holybro 6c autopilot. The machine seems to fly well and I am trying to set up the FFT in flight notch filter.
Can any of you judge the result ??

  1. You are showing Accelerometer data in your post and the notch filter is not active on acceleration, Gyro’s only. So for analysis purposes don’t bother looking at acceleration.
  2. Disable the 2nd Notch filter until you know it’s needed. And if it is needed it wouldn’t be another in-flight FFT based notch but a static notch. At least that’s typically how they are used.
  3. So, this is what you have:
    Post filter

The FFT based notch is missing the 40Hz mode. First because you have FFT_MINHZ at 80Hz and 2nd it may not pick it up anyway even if you set it to 38 say. But you can try that. If it still doesn’t grab it you can try a narrow 2nd static notch at 40Hz.

I would set these also:

Thanks Dave

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