First Time Using Ardupilot Help Needed

Hi everyone, i recently built myself an FPV digital system using 2 Raspberry Pi’s.

I have a Pi4 for the ground station, and a Pi Zero for the vehicle.

I have a Holybro Kakute F4 V2 flight controller running (ROVER) Ardupilot.

The firmware page only shows support for the F4 and F4 Mini…but not the F4 V2. Would that be why i can’t establish a connection?

The reason for this post is i have been unable to get telemetry feed from the FC to the vehicle. Although being new to Ardupilot I realised i needed to assign the correct serial port that the FC is using.

But i have noticed Mission Planner isn’t saving my settings despite the it saying params saved successfully.

When i go to Full Parameter Tree, the settings aren’t saved.

I’m trying to assign Serial 4 with no luck.

Thanks for reading my first post and thanks for having me.

Really looking forward to using Ardupilot with my software…and telemetry is the last thing i need to get going before i can finish my build.

Would greatly appreciate any help thanks again. : )

Didn’t understand exactly your trouble, are you facing difficulties to interface this FPV system with your FC?

When you change this configuration, you’re doing this by USB cable directly to this FC?

Hi Bruno, yes sadly have been unable to get the FC to communicate.

Mission Planner wont allow me to save settings in the Parameter Tree.

Trying to assign a Serial port and also SR2 for Mavlink.

Yep USB cable to FC.

But the problem was already there without this FPV system that you’re trying to install?

That’s correct yes.

I have spent 3 weeks on this and i dont have the know how to get it going.

The owner of the software told me i need to change settings in Ardupilot…but i simply cannot alter the settings.

Despite investing some money into this project i think i will have to move on for I’m out of my depth.

My main problem is mission planner…it’s not saving settings.

Post a screen shot of the Data screen with Messages Tab after connecting to the Board.
Exactly like this:

I doubt your main problem is Mission Planner.

Hi Dave thanks for the reply.

Ok will do that now will reply soon.

I keep getting a Raw Param Warning…is this why my settings aren’t being saved?

I’m simply trying to assign Serial 4 and SR2 to no avail.

I have rebooted AP after writing params…when re-connected i never see my settings saved.

I do see the numbers saved i have changed, but trying to assign SR2 and a Serial Port has been really hard.

If no one can help can you please let me know, I’ll have to simply forget about this project and buy something closed source instead, I’m happy to admit I’m out of my depth here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Uncheck the Show me again box in that dialog box Re-Start and try again.
And you don’t typically have to change the SRx parameters for any reason.


Hi Dave appreciate the reply thank you.

The owner of the Ruby HD software told me to change the parameters to SR2…but i can’t change it anyway nothing saves.

I took another photo…but its the same as the first photo i uploaded…?

No idea what that is but forget about changing those parameters. What is it you are trying to do?

I’m simply trying to assign the correct serial port with no result.

My flight controller isn’t speaking to the Ruby software.

I wanted to assign Serial 4 but i can’t.

Anyway I’m sure I’ll figure it out but I’m ready to just buy a closed source system that just works out of the box, I’m out of my depth here i think.

What do you mean you can’t? Which parameter are you tring to change? Not the SRx parameters that’s futile.

Full parameter tree.

Anyway appreciate the help…but I’m too new to all of this, it has halted my project for 4 weeks without any result.

I’m going to buy closed source…this site was my last chance to figure it out but i think I’m here at the wrong time.

Moderators please delete this thread thank you.

Sorry for wasting your time everyone.

For the questions you are asking closed source/open source will make no difference.
“Full Parameter Tree” is not a parameter.

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Silly question - but did you click the “Write Params” button after changing the parameter.

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Hi Manav, yep sure did.

After Write Params i would disconnected and reconnect.

I’ve seen the actual numbers I’ve changed saved…but I’m unable to assign Serial port.

I still can’t telemetry from the flight controller…i think i will have to put this project as a fail…I’m not sure what I’m doing anymore ha ha it has been 2 weeks with no result sadly.

I managed to get everything running 100%, i made a post earlier today but i cant find it.

Thanks for the help everyone. :slight_smile:

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