First time setup-- connecting DSMX/PPM receivers to an Omnibus F4 Pro

Hi all, new to ArduPlane. I have an Omnibus F4 Pro board and was able to flash it with the STM utility. Can’t get my Tx stick movements to show up in Mission Planner, though.

I’ve tried an OrangeRx receiver and Storm S603, both with PPM outputs. Wired up to both the DSM and PPM/SBUS inputs on the F4. Have run them off 3.3v and 5v. Receivers light up and bind with the Tx, but nothing in the Mission Planner UI with any of these combos. I was planning on ordering an official Spektrum satellite receiver in case ArduPlane does not like the PPM outputs for some reason… but figured I’d ask here before spending another $30 on the plane.

When I built my BetaFlight F4Pro quad, I know I had to do some fiddling within the receiver tab to setup protocol and such (BetaFlight, out of the box, seems to be setup for FrSky gear). Haven’t found any equivalent in the Mission Planner UI…