First Time Rover Setup issues

Not sure if this is really tuning or something more serious…

I have
[ul]ArduPilot Mega Autopilot Kit (APM 2.6)
Ublox LEA-6H GPS with compass kit,
Ardupilot 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit 433Mhz
APM Power Module - XT60 Connector[/ul]

Loaded ArduRover 2.49

Spektrum radio system on Mode1
Losi Mini 8ight

I have followed the detailed instructions on

The rover runs fine in manual mode.

I have pulled the max and cruise throttle down to about 20% to avoid high speed crashes etc as this thing can be fast.

I set a few way points, but all the rover does is weave about in a roughly circular course then stop.
(I will try reversing the steering channel)

I havent tested it in a big area. just on my driveway. knowing the limitations of GPS i think i need to try it in a big car park.

I have just also read this…
"ROTATION_YAW_180. That setting is if you installed as I did with the arrow pointing to the left of the truck."
I have mine set to ROTATION_YAW_180 but put the arrow facing front. - Will try facing it left.

Finally… pics uploaded of how ive temporarily mounted the whole show. have i put anything too close to the motors etc?

Since the placement of the APM and the GPS/Compass are on the centerline and pointing towards the front (steering end) of the truck, there should be no need to change the AHRS_ORIENTATION parameter from its default of 0.
When you calibrated the GPS/Compass, you should have selected the APM with an outboard compass.

The most common problem with the Rover steering correctly in Manual, but going in circles in Auto is due to the steering direction required for Auto must be reversed in relation to Manual.
You should change the steering for the Auto Mode by checking the “reverse” box next to the Roll bar in the Radio Calibration screen.

Apologies for the delay in responding.
Those 2 changes worked perfectly.