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First time joining GSOC 2019

(Pranjal Jain) #1

I have gone through many ideas of several organisations, but some were more advanced and some needed experience before working with them. After going through many organisations I found yours that was matching my requirements. I am familiar with python and linux, but is it necessary to have experience in drones, robotics, c/c++? Also, you have mentioned “Be abe to build Ardupilot SITL in your local machine”, as I said I am new at this, I have never worked with drones, robots or embedded systems. Is Python and linux enough for me to work in your organisation? If not, then how can I proceed? I can learn, I have taken several online courses from Udemy.

(Khancyr) #2


Sorry for the response delay ! I completely forget about this subsection …
Experience with robotic isn’t mandatory but hightly recommanded as we are mostly doing work for small unmanned robot ! (drone == robot).
Depending on what projet you want to submit, python and linux knowledge can be enough. Like a work on a GCS, log annalizer etc …
The first tasks to understand ArduPilot would be to be able to run the simulator SITL : . With that you could play with the real codebase in simulation !