First Testing AC3.4 RC1

attached 3 logs from today’s fly session with my Hexaracer.


  1. Autotune Roll and Pitch
  2. Autotune yaw
  3. Flying around with the new settings at the begin it was ok but it became more more instable, probably related to the GPS Modul ? (see below PXGPS)


  • In my opinion AC3.4 has an improved 3D handling which is not fully capable yet or my copter has some issue i don’t have sorted out now. (See below PXGPS modul?)
  • Autotune results are very different from before with AC3.3.3.

i’m trying out also a new GPS modul from China named PXGPS with ublox 7, which is very small and lightweight.
i had really problems with the magnetic interferences (magfield) you will find in all 3 logs some issues which are related. Is there a better Setup for this GPS modul ?

So today i’ve searched for the reason of my problems with the compass and found the Magnetic field to be ok, so i’ve done compassmot and the values are very reasonable about 50. The PXGPS modul seems not to be the source. There most be another issue which causes the vehicle to act like it would have very large magnetic interferences influencing compass.