First self piloting ship


I’m looking for some motor / esc help.
I’m currently printing a cargo ship. I’m not sure if I’ll go the full length as in the thingiverse link. However what is a good motor and esc that will work with the pix hawk? Then what store is the best place to shop for pix hawk kits?

Here the boat specs

Hi, I’m building a boat for environment too, could you give me any suggestion? Thanks

The model I posted printed well so far. 2 pieces in aka 52 hrs jn…
Not sure if a pixhawk fits in it. From what I read it should.I just bought a pixhawk kit.

You could use a much smaller Flight Controller than a Pixhawk that still supports ArduRover. There are several F4 and F7 boards, one as small as 33x28mm. Some are All-in-one boards that can save some space and don’t require as much accessory hardware.