First Rover build / Tracked rover

So , going to finally start building my first rover. Going with a track design. Overall size is about 18" long , and about 12" wide, still working on chassis/body design. It is going to be 3D printer in likely PETG. Currently trying to work out the final drive ratio and top speed. I am not looking for a speed demon, but something that can explore off road, what sort of speeds should I be looking at?


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Some examples for a rover on on road circuits (with RTK mission (fixed speed)):
4m wide: 4 m/s seemed the limit speed
2m wide: 1.5 m/s seemed the limit speed

It is not too apparent in the videos, but watching car behaviour it was at the limit of being too fast. DO_CHANGE_SPEED waypoints should be inserted, but I haven’t tried yet.

Of course, if you are not on a circuit or drive manually, or insert DO_CHANGE_SPEED waypoints on your mission, speed can be increased.

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Too fast can be problematic for an autonomous Rover. My 1st one was a Basher type RC truck that was entirely too fast even after some gearing and a motor change. The problem is obstacles on the ground couple with generally poorer GPS reception. I ran into all kinds of things unless it was in an open field. GPS positioning can be addressed with RTK but I agree with Webillo that 4-5 m/s would be a good target max. My 2nd Rover was built from a Crawler chassis and it performs great.


I had a 10 MPH number in my head, not sure if that is too fast, but that works out to 4.47 m/s