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First Phantom FX 61 VTOL

(cala2) #13

Some more little advances
I reinforce tubes inside as @Hugues advertice with little pieces of wood, I drilled a little bigger hole not to fail, then sand the wood until fits inside the tube (lot of work :open_mouth: ), glue it a little and push with a smaller cf tube until the hole appears in it´s place

Then any antenna that I have in stock looks adecuate and I couldn´t find a 90degree adapter so I have to build my first antenna…if work or not is two cents appart.
First solder the two pieces

It´s little larger so, when I find who calibrate it, I can do it.
Then invent a balun (don´t do it at home) and protect solder with hot glue

Cover with heat shink tube and finished product

(Hugues) #14

nice wood reinforcement,even better than using washers

(Heung-Jin Choi) #15

Dear Cala
Thank you for your sharing on this project.
When I see this work in your blog, we decide to follow your VTOL project on FX61, which I have already with a Pixhawk. And also I urged to students to follow your project. Would you give me the spec of the carbon rectangular tube (length, wide and height in cm). We only find here 10m(W)X10m(H)X100cm(length), 1mm thickness.
We wish you successful building and flight.
Thanks a lot


(cala2) #16

It’s a 1.5 cm*1.5 cm from Hobby king 800 mm length.
Thank´s, glad to know that you like it.

(cala2) #17

Probably I´m going to short them until the rear prop works at the aileron border not to disturb prop air

(Heung-Jin Choi) #18

Thanks a lot
We are going to order the CF tube. And we will follow you, and report our building too.
Very helpful

(cala2) #19

Nice, more minds have better ideas than one :smiley: ; wait your photos.

(cala2) #20

Hole afternoon trying to learn about flying wing configuration and a silly Dragon Rx that have different PPM channel than others that I have but at the end is working :cold_sweat:
I don’t know how to upload videos in this forum, I’m going to investigate and share it.

(Mr_liu) #21

**Can you share the parameters you debugged? I also use PIX flight control to do the same type. However, when the multi axle take-off is switched to the fixed wing, the fixed wing will rise directly to stall.Hope to share your flight video and debug parameters.Thank you very much !!!:slight_smile:

(Mr_liu) #22

Sorry, if it is not convenient to share parameters. Can you give me some advice? My mailbox is

(Mr_liu) #23


(cala2) #24

I don´t have params yet, I don´t finish my build yet, I´m a Hobbist and work during free time periods only but I don´t have trouble to share them when finish.
My idea is to enable qassist param, and try to fly and tune the quad first so, If something go bad during transition, the quad helps not to crash and try to solve the issue. when transition looks OK, then try to do plane autotune. (I have more experience with quads than planes)
I recommend you to open a thread in Arduplane section sharing your .log and preferible a photo and video too so @tridge and other devs or advance users can see what happens to your plane and help you, I can give a look too but with less knowledge, perhaps a param you have bad config for your setup.
There is no much experience about flying wings vtol so It´s going to be usefull if you can share it and resolve your issue. Good Luck

(cala2) #25

Some more advances: I visited a friend to calibrate Diy antennas but, by miracle, 433 was perfect and telemetry one only need little cut :open_mouth:
I drill a hole and install GPS

I glue a little tube into the hole and put the GPS mast inside

(cala2) #26

Now is at this stage, ready to first test the quad, I´m in winter so weather is a headhache :frowning: to fly; I can only try one time but not success to take off, something hardware related so I found a motor bad plugged :sweat_smile: and waiting the rain stop to test again, I don´t installed the antennas in it´s place yet to avoid install legs until the quad fly well (for safe)

Another topic about pitot needed or not
(cala2) #27

I move to beta fw too

(cala2) #28

Today my first success quad test, I had an issue configuration in my radio so first test fail, the copter didn´t respond as suppose to do; I found it and resolve :sweat_smile:

(cala2) #29

Installing the external USB plug and the safe button

(cala2) #30

I drill little holes and glue with UHUpor (I hope I can remove if have to change)

(cala2) #31

Installing GPS wires.
First I drill two holes

Them pass through the hole the wires (don´t try at home if you aren´t in winter, at the farm in a rainy day :wink: )

and put a plastic to protect around the hole

(cala2) #32

Install landing legs:
I wasn´t shure what side to choose and, finally I installed in two directions to test them, parallel to fuse looks little unstable from side to side.
they are cheap chinesse multicopter legs fixed with plastic ties so, if It has a forced landing, they suppose to broke and doesn´t broke something more expensive (better if it doesn´t test this theory :slight_smile: )