First person Log Replay

Hi everyone! Is there some tool we can use to analize the log from the pixhawk as a First person? That we can check visually the flight of the drone? Thanks!

You can produce a First Person KMZ file from a flight log in Mission Planner and view it with Google Earth,

Hope this helps.

Hi everyone!

Thanks, I knew about that, but I only have the bin from the Flight controller, not the TLOG. I have try to convert but I only get stranges results in google Earth.

Any idea?


Open Mission Planer, go to the DataFlash Logs on the bottom left quadrant, in the Flight Data Tab, click on Create KML + gpx, locate the .bin and that should create a KML for Google Earth in the same directory as the .bin was located in.

You can also post the .bin here and I can try giving you some help