First Maiden Log File

i was able to get her off the ground; not more than 4ft. I know I have a bunch of work ahead of me, but here’s my log file. Any “exercise for the reader” is greatly appreciated.

It was very difficult to see when you were airborne as the altitude did not give a clear indication. You must have stayed pretty low to the ground. The roll axis does seem to have some significant vibrations at what appears to be 16 hz (960 RPM). So I am thinking that it is a rotor imbalance. however you may want to add fast_attitude the log_bitmask. Also add PID. This will provide higher sample rate data which allows me to be sure what the vibration frequency is. The only other odd thing I noticed was that your swashplate was set up with the min and max at 1700 and 2000 PWM respectively. Did you follow the swashplate set up wiki. 1500 PWM should lie within the min to max range. Having the range up against the upper limit may cause issues with combination of max collective and max cyclic.

ok. on to my next task.

You need to get the RPM sensor figured out so you get a good reading. I didn’t follow your other thread. Are you using rpm feedback from the ESC or magnets on the gear with the sensor?

RPM out of ESC on a GPIO pin. I changed the multiplier when it was pointed out to me that the tach reading was 2x.

@davidbitton it would be helpful to see another flight with the correct RPM signal and the higher rate log data. It will be interesting to see how steady the rotor speed stays as you change the collective. It will tell you whether your throttle curve is tuned correctly.

@bnsgeyer I have the RPM sorted out. You were correct in your assumption that the RPM was really ~920. I adjusted the divider value until the RPMs in MP matched the tach. When you replay the log, you’ll see the RPMs change as I adjusted the divider in real-time. You may see some wobble at the very end. My tail rotor blades were out of alignment and it didn’t present itself until higher RPMs. The violent jarring in the beginning stop. The swashplate guide pin popped out of the guide slot and fixed before this.

I’m including the .BIN from the heli and the .tlog from MP in the ZIP: