First Flight: Quadcopter crash just after take off

I went through the processes to calibrate ESCs, compass, accelerometers, etc, successfully.

Flight Controller: cube orange
RC: Herelink and Here 3 GPS

Drone take of in loiter mode then just after take of it loose control and crash.

There was message EKF3 lane switch 2,

Find flight log bellow\

Also attached parameters bellow

params.param (18.1 KB)

Hallo Nemza,

Loiter mode requires some configuration to be able to work.
There are too many parameters with default values, this vehicle was not properly configured. There is no notch filter for example. (316.3 KB)

Just load the provided .zip file into ArduPilot methodic configurator and configure your vehicle in the correct sequence.


Thank you for the respond I am still beginner in this field, I am busy with that. In the provided flight log do you think of any specific parameter that might have the exact causes of that.

I am now using the configuration you have provided for comparison. I will update you when I have fix some structural damage and ready to do a test flight again.

It makes no sense looking at the log file of an unconfigured vehicle, there is too much information that is either missing or incorrect!

Install and use the latest ArduPilot Methodic Configurator Software version that got released 4 hours ago.
It automatically correctly sets over 35 parameters for you (if you follow the instructions)