First Flight Mag Issues with Log

First successful flight today, all be it tethered just to be on the safe side!

I seem to be having some Mag Field issues.

I was hoping that someone might be able to take a look at my flight log and see if there is anything that looks overly wrong. Help me understand what looks too high etc…

I am still struggling to get my heading to point in the same direction as my copter, always seems to be maybe 10 of 15 degrees anticlockwise.


there is multiple problem with your copter
first you have high vibration in all axis with cliping! high vibration will affect IMU measurement and your copter will not be stable

as i found you are using Pixhawk 2 Cube and with Pixhawk 2 you don’t need to add vibration damper under it so check your arms (must not be twisted or flexible ), propellers balance and other parts to don’t transfer vibration from body to FC like wires

also it seems that your copter is not tuned

did you finished tuning process instruction ?

after all recalibrate your mags

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Thanks, that’s super helpful.

Yes, i made an anti-vibration mount which I’ll remove tomorrow. I will also tune, calibrate mags and fly again.

before removing anti-vibration mount check your arms (must not be twisted or flexible ), propellers balance and other parts to don’t transfer vibration from body to FC
flying with high vibration is totally dangerous , do test flight in a safe place and under 2 meter

note : first resole vibration problem ten go for auto tune

My copter doesn’t have any arms or propellers.

Thanks for the help.

I’m under 2m and tethered. :+1:

I’ve removed the vib mount and done another flight. Something seems to be off with the compass though, it never seems to point in the right direction no matter how many times I do the Mag calibration.

I’ve got Mag 1 set as external and 1 & 2 enabled.

Here is the .bin

Is the vibration better? I can’t really tell.

What are you using to view the data? This looks different to MP

so how it flies ?

now your vibration has decreased to normal level but flight time was very low for a good analyze
try to hover your copter at the least for 2min

i’m using APM Planner

It’s flying with a single fan.

I’ll try and get a 2 minute flight tomorrow.

Am I looking at seeing the two mags for each axis being as similar as possible?

2020-05-21 13-37-27.tlog (856.7 KB)

Upload .bin file please

I’m a little concerned about those sudden changes on the heading.

What did you think of yesterdays flight?

I am thinking of doing another today, then perhaps a low un-tethered flight. I’m still working on my chute system so nothing above 2m for a while.

the only bad thing in this log is x vibration, its still high ! after solving this go for tuning process instruction but as i found its a single copter and i don’t know that is this different from normal copters or not i think the right person for tuning is @Leonardthall

If you would like input into your tuning I will need to see photes of the aircraft and a discription of your tuning process so far.

I have been looking at the X vibration.

As I am using Single Copter, I am using what would normally be the Z axis output from the accelerometer as my X axis. As the board is firmly fixed to the frame and that I have only one motor, any vibrations would be identical all be it out of phase.

It is my guess that either the sensitivity of the Z axis of the accelerometer is out or… Which I think is more likely, Ardupilot has not removed the 1G offset on the Z axis after the Custom -90 pitch rotation that I have my flight controller at.

That would explain why the vibration level is offset. The vibration isn’t more, it’s just offset by what I would guess to be 1G.

Thanks Leonard.

I can’t post any photos just yet. I’ve got an un-tethered flight on Monday. After then I’ll share some photos and a video.

I am however confused about the ‘tuning’. Am I missing a process somewhere?

Depending on the aircraft I may be able to give you some additional pointers.