First flight....going nowhere!

I am totally new. I received my Iris last week and decided to try and fly it today. Nothing fancy…just charge up the battery, read all the instructions, arm, wait for the right light sequences etc. When I fired the motors the front right motor just flicked back and forth…if i give it throttle it spins but seems slower. If i help it spin in the right direction with my finger it will spin…when i shut it down and start over it starts to flick again but will not spin unless i give it throttle or help it with my finger. When I give it more throttle it seems like it wants to flip. On page three of this forum there is a topic “motor or esc” with a video…that is exactly what mine is doing. I don’t know much about mission planner but downloaded it to my PC and hooked up the Iris. Through reading I think i have the log files downloaded but i have no clue what they say or how to read them. I wanted to load them but i don’t know which ones…is it the bin file, rlog, gpx or kmz. I thought it was the rlog but when I try to attach it this forum will not allow it. Hoping someone on here can point me in the right direction. Will call 3dr tomorrow as well.

Please don’t ever spin the props with your fingers if it starts up correctly you might loose that finger.

Sounds like you need to return the unit.

Mine has done that a few times on the rear left motor. I perform the ESC calibration and all returns to normal. Its really simple. I would try it before getting an RMA

just google “Iris esc calibration”. There a video on youtube.


I think the .bin file can be loaded into Mission Planner directly.

Are you CERTAIN you have the props on the right way?

I am POSITIVE the props are on the right way…this is my first time with an iris but i’ve owned several phantoms and currently own a phantom P2 and DJI550 Flame along with my IRIS. As far as a bin file…I think what you read is a .log file…but all i see is a .rlog, .gpx, .bin, and .kzm, so I’m not sure which one i should post for someone to analyze the data…calibrating the esc sounds like something that might work…i’ll try it tonight as well as see what 3drobotics think. Thank you for those offering up ideas…

I would definitely try an ESC calibration, and definitely keep your fingers far, far away from the blades! … esc-motor/

tried the ESC calibration…followed it perfectly and it went just like the video…except when i went to fire the props…same thing…front right motor won’t fire unless i bring the throttle up (it just jerks back and forth)…and then when it does fire it still seems to spin slower…i have a call into the help desk (with video)…i’m thinking it’s going back…i shouldn’t have ANY problems with a brand new IRIS…and i don’t feel that i should have to figure it out either…but it sucks that i will have at a minimum two week delay in the exchange process if that’s the way it goes.