First flight after bad crash = more crash

ok i had a very nasty crash a while ago and i have everything back together now. first flight back together and the copter is not acting right at all. Twitching the sticks is causing the copter to roll over and flip instantly. Not sure what the reason is. tuned everything like normal. Motors are all calibrated and seem to spin just fine. Do not think its a synk problem ( never had that before )

quick log shows the crash… feels like the accelerometer is going nuts but i do not know.

900mm hex 380kv sunnysky 30amp platinum

thanks for the help :slight_smile:

looks like motor 6 became ineffective for some reason to me. it starts to rise and motor 5 (opposite motors) reduces demand at the same time…before the pitch/roll is affected.

Prior to this you demands to the escs aren’t very well balanced at all, again motor 5 and 6 being the most out of balance. Maybe the power train for motor 6 was weak…weak esc, weak motor, slipping prop etc.

sure enough… flipped the prop over and secured it then ran it up and any quick throttle moment cause it to go out of sync makes a nasty noise. ill test it with a spare motor and report back. i do not have a spare esc so might take a few days to get it if that is it

Thanks :slight_smile:

looks like a bad motor. New motor spins just like its supposed to. solder it up and mark this solved… i think

OK cool, glad you found it. Have fun :slight_smile: