First experiences with AC3.4-rc1

I’m running 3.4RC1. I get no motor response no matter what I set MOT_PWM_TYPE to. I’m using RCTimers 30amp ESCs that support Onshot125. With 3.3 I was able to get the motors to spin but they go from nothing to full, nothing in between.
Another issue I’m running into is that all my logs have the date of Dec 31st 1999.
Yet another issue is, the USB device becomes an unrecognized device when the battery is plugged in. When the battery is unplugged, works just fine, as soon as I plug in the battery the connection to MP disconnects and am unable to reconnect until I unplug the battery.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, I have yet to even take this thing into a hover. I previously had the Seriously Pro F3 board on this and it was fine, the only thing different is the flight controller. I have a hex that is running with 40amp ESCs of the same type with a Pixhawk and that thing has been fine. It’s only this Pixracer board that’s been giving me a problem.