First Crash with Quadplane

Hi guys, 3 days ago we tried to control modes in indoor with hanging our quadplane in just center of gravity point and nothing with other sides. My colleague control with sitck and our flight mode doesn’t include RTL or QLAND but after some mode it passed the QLAND mode and we didn’t control motors and we tried to disarm with stick but we didn’t control then motors acted as crazy then crash to wall and didn’t stop moving untill lock the 3D printer while its motors were working , then we replug the battery and we could stop motors. I looked at the log file and some of the point I didn’t get the problem. Now when I connect my controller with usb to MP its flight mode shows me as QRTL.
I really don’t get how do modes pass the other which is not listed flight mode? And what is the real problem ?
Here is my log file:
2022-02-01 16-53-38.tlog (303.5 KB)Could you give me some advice and point the main problem. I am new in log analysis and I am watching and taking notes from YT video. That’s all the doc I have, and there is not any info about MEANING or INTERPRETTING the graphs.

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