First boat project

Never messed with water on purpose. Pretty easy to design in Fusion, but putting it all together may prove harder than I had figured lol. If I could just stop redesigning, maybe I’d finish it.


First day in the water. Had everything set for tuning and started in manual to capture steering trim… But it doesn’t need any. Switch to steering and it seems to steer perfectly. Switch to an auto mission and off it goes. This is supposed to be harder right lol? 50 minutes of sonar scanning later and no water inside : ) A few things changed from the design like swapping the Reach RS2 for an M2 and a smaller antenna. Other than that, looks pretty much like the Fusion 360 render.

A short clip in the water. Not a very good clip.


looks cool almost like Dazzle camo lol

Wow, beautiful boat, nice work. Care to share any more details and high res photos by chance?

4 days of sonar scanning, I love this boat! Wasn’t sure about the reverse hull, but 30km winds a few days back proved it was a good idea. Same hull design doesn’t make such a good ice breaker. That’s 3 layers of 6oz cloth, may need something a little tougher.


Looks amazing! Does it work with both an RC remote and a ground station like mission planner? If so how did you manage to do that? Did you use a single telemetry for both the ground station and RC remote?

You can control it with both, but mostly the GCS as it’s doing bathymetry scans. And it would be a pretty boring boat just to drive around lol. That reverse bow doesn’t go very fast, but it sure keeps the hull level in rough water. I’m using a Herelink, so the telemetry, video and control are all one system.

Nice boat, how you made the hulls of the boat?

@X1aero1 have you thought about adding a metal keel at the front of the hulls? even something like a 5mm metal rod or some 90 angle to make a point, in order to take the brunt of the impacts.

Nice. Great thinking. How does the herelink work regarding camera connection. Do you just plug in a GoPro to the hdmi port of the and thats it?

That gets a little convoluted lol. I needed to monitor sonar scan progress and see where I’m going for the initial perimeter scans that get close to shore. I also wanted to use goggles lol. So there’s a seperate Connex HD camera and transmitter on top of the Garmin hdmi and sonar (on Samsung Galaxie) feeding into the Herelink hdmi inputs. I’m planning on swapping to a different sonar that can be displayed on Mission Planner and swapping the Garmin to a better camera allowing me to get rid of the extra Connex system. Newer Gopro’s don’t work with HDMI unless you buy the media mod. But anything from a 7 down works great.

That’s a really good idea. I had hull damage from ice. The hull is two layers of 6oz cloth with overlaps along the keel. So that like 24oz cloth and still got cut up lol. Being my first boat I made the mistake of building it like a turbine jet. There’s no reason to keep it light, Should have used more material.

@X1aero1 it wouldn’t even have to be metal even a 3d printed abs keel would work as a sacrificial part, you could even make it detachable since i doubt your going to be ice braking often.

The hull was hot wire cut from foam. Then the nose and tail were removed allowing me to hot wire the interior that fits the internal ply frame. Glue the nose and tail back on and glassed with multiple layers of 6oz cloth and West epoxy and painted with Endura paint.

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Man, congrats really. Your boat looks so professional. I noticed you compass looks like M8N from holybro. Are you not worried it will get damaged from water/rain? Why did you not get waterproof cases for your cameras? The boat looks really great, I bet you spent a lot of time on it. Be careful with it.

btw: what voltage did you use for the Herelink air unit? I asked 3DXR and they said it should be 12v. But I have read other places that 12v can damage them, and at 5v, it shuts down when you stream the camera feed. I am interested in getting one for myself.

The compass is a Here first gen. I threw a little silicone in there to mitigate any water damage lol. As for the camera, the Gramin Virb 360’s are already waterproof so there was no need for an enclosure. As for the herelink, it’s running at 12v. On other aircraft I usually use 9v. Both seem to be fine.

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Nice. Are you by any chance interested in selling the boat 3d files? I want to use it for my own first boat project.