First autonomous flight didn't follow route

[color=#000040]I fitted my APM2.0 with latest firmware to my Hobbyking SkyEye - see photos.

It did a loiter pretty well so thought I’d load a planned flight 2 circuits of the field all left hand turns ending with a loiter. I switched to auto mode and it sort of went to the first way point and turned but then seemed to do a random series of turns both clockwise and ant-clockwise. It never went too far away but there was no way it was following my planned route.

I haven’t done any FBW flights or autotune - just pretty much straight to this flight after the loiter. All settings in mission planner are default.

How can I get it to follow a route? Is there a lot of tuning and calibrating to do?


Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.
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