Firmware Version

I am working on a project to decode mavlink messages using a esp8266 and cant read the firmware version. Where does mission planner get the firmware version from

Have you seen tridge’s updates to the dogmaphobic firmware?

Think i better clarify I am reading data using Mavlink and displaying in a TFT. The ESP as it the only spare chip I have. If this all works hope to use something like an Arduino Mega. I have been trying to read the Frimware version number using Mavlink but with no success. Just wondered how it was done in Mission Planner.

I presume you have been using the MAV_CMD_REQUEST_AUTOPILOT_CAPABILITIES and looking for the AUTOPILOT_VERSION message?

yes that correct

mavlink_autopilot_version_t packet;
mavlink_msg_autopilot_version_decode(&msg, &packet);
Serial.print("Flight SW Version: ");Serial.println(packet.flight_sw_version);
Serial.print("board_version: ");Serial.println(packet.board_version);
Serial.print("Firmware version number: ");Serial.println(packet.flight_sw_version);
Serial.print("Vendor ID: ");Serial.println(packet.vendor_id);
Serial.print("Product ID: ");Serial.println(packet.product_id);
Serial.print("Board Version: ");Serial.println(packet.board_version);