Firmware version display

How to see which ArduPilot version is running on my PixHawk, with QGC? This post says to look for AUTOPILOT_VERSION in QGC’s Mavlink Inspector, but I do not always see it there. If I reboot the controller from QGC then AUTOPILOT_VERSION appears briefly in Mavlink Inspector, and it looks like this:

I believe the controller is running the latest stable version of ArduPlane as of 11/21/2021 (4.1.3?), so not sure what “Message: AUTOPILOT_VERSION (148)0.01” (upper right) means. Note also there are no displayed values for capabilities, flight_sw_version, etc. After a brief time (minutes?), AUTOPILOT_VERSION disappears from Mavlink Inspector.
I am running QGC version 4.0.2. Thanks!

Try and enter the firmware update screen and follow the directions. it will tell you the version, and you don’t have to actually update it. eg. you plug in a copter 4.0 it should say that on the screen

Your QGC version is not old, it is ancient!!!
Please update it, the latest QGC daily version has support for ArduPlane 4.1.3.
The stable QGC version 4.1.4 does not. And your version 4.0.2, well …

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Thanks! I’ve installed the QGC 4.1.4 daily version - where do I find firmware version displayed there?

I’m not very familiar with QGC, but surely it displays GCS messages. ArduPilot replies to an initial MAVLink connection request with a series of messages containing basic info, one of which is the version number. Monitor the message output upon initial connection, and you should see it there.

Thanks - this is what I see appearing briefly in QGC’s Mavlink inspector on reboot:

Now there are parameter values displayed, but I don’t see “4.1.3” anywhere - how do I know the firmware corresponds to ArduPilot 4.1.3 based on these values?

I just tested it, the message comes in the “messages” tab, not in the mavlink inspector.

And like I said the “QGC 4.1.4 daily” is not the daily release, and will not fully support ArduPlane. And yes I know it has daily in the name, but it is not the daily version. We had this on another thread already!


I just clicked the Linux link on the Daily Builds page and it gives me QGC 3.5.4, really ancient. What am I doing wrong? Is there a more recent daily build for QGC Linux somewhere?

I use that linux link and it gets me:
QGroundControl Daily Version
Development HEAD: 48081c44 2021-08-13 10:06:04 -0400

The docs and release notes are old, but the installed software is relatively new. The windows daily is usually more up-to-date than the linux though.

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I see the same version now - sorry for my mistake.
Where is the “Messages tab” you refer to as the place to see firmware version?
(Sorry for my fumbling around here, can’t find “Messages tab” in the user guide)
EDIT - I see firmware version under the “loud speaker” icon at top left of main page