Firmware Updates for UC4H released

Release Day
13. Jan. 2019

Some releases.

UC4H MavlinkBridge v0.06 :
• Initial release of firmware for the UC4H MavlinkBridge. Use MissionPlanner beta.

UC4H Gps-Magnetometer-Barometer v0.27 :
• Baudrate for GPS mode (gnss.Fix) changed from 57600 to 115200
• Support for QMC5883 magnetometer added

UC4H PowerBrick v0.10 :
• Support for FrSky Lipo Cell Voltage Sensor. Use MissionPlanner beta.

BetaCopter 3.6.4 v017u :
• Based on Copter 3.6.4.
• Battery cell voltages support for UAVCAN/UC4H battery monitor (DataFlash, Mavlink).
• Report of detected and usage of compasses to improve user experience.

Firmwares as usual in the github repository:

UC4H Notify v010:

  • Added startup delay on the I2C bus for slower displays