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Firmware source code for RfDesign 900x series

It’s the same as SIK radios, net id.

You pair them with the netId plus the AES encryption option which is really cool

It isn’t handy neither safe, from my point of view. Seppo, pls implement something like frsky pairing!

Why do that. Frsky system uses the same ID system.
If two frsky system want to work paralel then each of them have to have a different id.
The pairing is just a foolproof mode to set the same ID on the RX. :smiley: :smiley:

eos, ID on frsky system is a long enough, “unknown” number, which is randomly choosen with a simple procedure without PC connection. Net ID into SiK radio is a silly 0 to 100 or something number which is easily crackable

And how it is related to the Receiver ID (0-99) which you give when pairing ?

sorry if i misunderstood the mechanism but: if i set a receiver on NetID = 25, then i can listen to any transmitter set to the same ID, right? it sounds ok to you? not to me…

basically, i can hack any drone simply trying all the xxx numbers (a quite low number of trials), without needing to physically access the hardware (i.e. pushing a button). correct me if i’m wrong.
I’m not including encryption layer since it comes “on top” of that archiecture

That’s why I mentioned above that you can use the super friendly environment of a. Mission planner, b. Txmod web page, c. Rftools to establish an AES code which is practically impossible to brake,
-no mechanical buttons that can failure
-hardware accelerated encryption

  • pretty modern-web based

my txmod + ux module arrived and i just tested it on 3.15 fw on both. Telemetry is ok but i cannot enable ECC and change TX power (if i do, they revert back to defaults after power cycle). Is that “by design”?

Also web page wizard has to be updated, since it does not support SBUS and there’s no reference to the SBUS setting to be set = 4. I had to find myself somewhere here in the board



Have you tried setting those via the AT commands I have found the GUI and docs to be slightly outdated or never updated.

Use modem tools from
ECC is removed from 3.15, there is a CRC check, and halving the speed it too much price for ECC.
Check your module version, if it is a region locked then you cannot change power and frequency settings to something that is illegal in your region.

Are you saving settings with at&w before reboot ?

Eos, i’m simply using the “advanced” settings page of web interface and when i change something and get “changes saved and active” i assume it’s telling the truth. I don’t know if my module is restricted, where it’s stated? I’m in EU and just bought it from 3DXR.

?? What is this exactly ?

Main web page, in the “advanced options” pane, “RFD900x Radio Settings” button.
To the manifacturer, i would point out that supplied cable (to connect UX to PC with FDTI cable) is wrong, it comes with 6-pin “clickmate” instead of 9-pin one. if you consider that the package comes with TXMOD with 3.05 and UX module with 3.15 fw, the thing is not working out of the box and user cannot discover it due to wrong cable (although can be fixed upgrading TXMOD to 3.15 over the air).

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