Firmware Rover para mateksys f405-se

Hello everyone, I haven’t written here for a long time.
Well my question:
I am using a mateksys f405-se controller, I have used it for firmware for copter and it recognizes the barometer but when i use it with firmware for rover, does not recognize the barometer.
ahh, in neither firmware does the buzzer work
thanks to all.
Ask if someone can help me or is it a filmware problem that evolves for you.

Try the Beta7 firmware for the F405-Wing. I don’t know about the buzzer.

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It works, it detects the barometer.
What does not work is the buzzer, in other flight systems if the buzzer works.
I will report if there are errors, for improvements.
Thanks for the help.

Hello, I want to make a clarifying note,
so that the same thing that happens to me does not happen
the buzzer in the matek if it sounds, battery warning, engine arming, etc.
the melody does not sound when the controller starts