Firmware for doing flips like Multiwii Horizon mode

Thanks for any help or suggestions in advance.
Is there a firmware version or modified firmware that can be loaded into a APM 2.6 board that will allow doing flips (quadcopter, tricopter) and still have the effect of stablize mode? Flying my 450 quad in Acro mode I have been able to do some manual flips but hard part is leveling off after flip, so some kind of stablize function would help?
If no firmware available is there parameter setting I can change in Stablize mode that will allow flips and still have self level function?
Multiwii and Naze32 has a Horizion mode that allows flips with a stablize function is there any like this for APM?

acro mode with training turned on sounds like what you want ( Not sure if training is available for the old apm though - connect to mission planner and check, I guess. If it is available, set it to 1. With training on you can set attitude limits, or set it without limits but so that it stabilises if you let go (its awesome - to flip, just get aggressive on the sticks then let go, it catches itself!). There is also a separate flip mode, where you just flick the switch, use the sticks to tell the copter which way to flip, and it flips. Good luck - acro flying is tough, but fun :slight_smile: