Firmware for APM1 Mega 2560


Haven’t flown my APM1 for a while and was hoping to update to the latest firmware. Doesn’t seem like APM Planner 2.0 does the trick. Any guides out there on APM1 support?

Thank you!

Hi antonflyer,

I did a test and for some reason APM planner (v2.0.14) downloads the firmware to the board but it is not connecting, this is not happening with mission planner. Why I did to fix it, in case you can’t use mission planner, download the firmware hex file from, I would recommend you to go with the stable version and you will notice there are 3 versions of the firmware: for Pixhawk, for APM 2 and for APM 1.

For example here you can find the quad copter v3.1.5 firmware file for APM 1:

Then go to apm planner, file, select advanced mode, then go to initial setup, install firmware, click on custom and select the firmware file.

Thank you, that works!