Firmware for apm pro 2.6

i just installed the last mission planer and this is my first hexa, installation complete then i start to set up my apm pro with “auto” in the upper right corner since there is no arduino mega 2560 and baud 115200 since, when i download the firmware there is a message "are you using linux in your board? " (i don’t remember the exact question) and i click no button since i’m using window 7, there is a message “you are wrong download” (again, i don’t remember the exact message) … and then i close mission plan. i’m trying to download apm_planer_2.0.24_win.exe, download complete, i start mission planer and trying to set up i choose com3 baud 115200, then connect apm pro, when i klick install setup i choose hexa but… there is error message number 3 with error text : host firmware. ardupilot. org not found … i don’t understand what it mean is… i had try to install and uninstall mission plane but the result is stay error, please tell me how to fix this … should i reset my apm pro ? how ? thanks in advance