Firmware and QGC

Hi I am chasing down what i think is a issue with my Mission Planner setup using the stock tuning that was once the defacto for my crafts I like to try QGC. Can i just copy the QGC firmawre and test fly or do i have to delete my config and start fresh?


QGC and MP are just the ground control software, and shouldn’t change the tuning or performance of your machines. For some of mine I will do all the build and setup on MP, but use QGC in the field on my iPad. You don’t have to delete or change anything to go between QGC and MP.

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Thanks so there is not a seprate firmware build then?

For the aircraft? No, not for Ardupilot. QGC also works with PX4 firmware so I think that’s where the confusion comes in.

Ah, good to know! Thanks.