Firmware 3.4.6 crash during autotune

i am using pixhawk on a ragular base i am using 3.2 firmware on pixhawk but few days ago i update pixhawk with 3.4.6 firmware and after all calibration i fly for a autotune in a althold mode after a few second it got some kind of ekf error and crash please suggest for a better firmware or any solution


I used to fly 3.3.3 - then updated to 3.4.6 last week. on first takeoff it flipped immediately, somehow the PID settings did not get translated properly during the upgrade. To solve the problem I entered “default” PID settings from one of the param files that come wit Missionplanner - with that I got it into the air (quite wobbly) - but stable enough to run autotune successfully.

After autotune on 3.4.6 it si flying very smooth, better than on 3.3.3.

I’d suggest you play with the PIDs to get it to work on 3.4.6 - it seems to be a good Fw version once stable PIDs are entered…