Fine Tuning Loiter in wind

My EZStar loiters fairly well with no wind. However, the other day I went up in 12 mph wind for the heck of it and found loiter to be way off the mark. I realize this may be asking beyond technical capability but is there a way to tune better for stronger winds?

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Not sure that I have anything to help, but from a technical standpoint could you describe “way off the mark” in a little more detail?

I’ve also been doing some flying in the 10-20mph wind range in Loiter. With the default Loiter PIDs I’ve found it to be pretty well locked in horizontally, but I’ve been having some issues with the altitude varying +/- probably about 10-15ft when the wind is above about 8mph. I think part of this may be that I’m using a PX4 and the wind is messing up the barometer…

Interested to see what comes of this thread.

@Steven G,
I thought that the EZStar is a Multiplex pusher high wing model plane?

My apologies. I seem to have posted in the wrong thread. You are right, the EZ Star is a fixed wing pusher. No wonder I didn’t get any responses. :blush:
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