Finding real 433Mhz antennas for UAV-side

After running all “433” antennas we had through a spectrum analyzer, I am very disappointed.

95% of all “stock antennennas” with SiK radios are just 2.4Ghz antennas, that show about 8db loss (emission) around 433Mhz

Tested five 433 antennas from Farnell , which were really about 500Mhz.

This is very disappointing.
Does anyone here have a known good source for 433-435Mhz , small, light , omnidirectional (rubber duckies or dipoles?) - anything with a donut radioation shape?

Not “known good” as in I tested it but I would tend to believe this one is right. Interested to know if this is one of the 5 from Farnell. Mouser has these.
ant-433mrms-antenna-datasheet-v1.3-1218601.pdf (337.0 KB)

thank you, I will order both and test.

Order one (from a respectable source) that have a datasheet with response charts, if it does not lives up to the specs you can have a refund.

Assuming your equipment is calibrated and your measurement environment is correct…

Unfortunately, “reputable source” is not good enough.
Had 5 of those :
Y axis is in fantasy units, and the graph omits 505Mhz, Where is actually resonated well.

This is a brand new spectrum analyzer, and yes, it’s calibrated and shows great results for “known good” antennas.

By reputable sources I mean that you can send them back with your measurements and ask for mitigation. I think rfsolutions will answer if you write them.

I do not doubt that.