Finally get to try my Pixhack v3

I purchased a Pixhack V3 with gps about 18 months ago and then was side tracked with other projects. I’m just now getting back to it and I see that Cuav has come out with the V3X I’m hoping that the V3 is still a viable controller option, the research that I’ve done leads me to believe that it is.
My v3 is new never been used, I’ve downloaded the latest mission planner and installed the latest traditional heli firmware, everything seems to work as it should. To start out with I will install on a Mikado 480, There seems to be a lack of documentation on the V3. I’m ready to install on the mikado and I find no recommendations on weather to use the dampener plate or to mount directly to the frame with foam tape, I’m looking for advice on this. I’m sure I’ll have other questions but for now just want to get it mounted correctly. Tia

Hi luckyflyer.
Just checked mine (havnt flown it for some time) Its on a cheapo vibration plate (as comes with the CUAV unit). with “blue” dampers. I have flown it like this for many months with no vibration related issues. Hope that helps.

No dampers needed with the V3.