Final Take-off Speed

Hello Everyone,
Can we do the auto take-off with two different speed along with altitude as similar we are having for during landing ?
For Example
Auto take-off with 50cm/s upto 10m ALT
then it will follow the WPNAV_SPEED_UP.
Please find the attached image for reference.
@Michael_Oborne @xfacta @dkemxr @amilcarlucas

No, but what is the issue you have to want that?

While taking off in auto mode with WPNAV_SPEED_UP 3m/s, the system becomes a bit unstable.

It’s in Master (V4.5.0-DEV) so perhaps Beta soon but you could try these parameters for a slower transition into WPNAV_SPEED_UP

I have not tried it, perhaps I’ll give it a go with one of the test mule quads.

ohk thanks @dkemxr,let me test parameters