Figure 8 Flight track pattern

I’d like to make a suggestion. I do a lot of aerial survey work and one really nice feature would be to be able to make a grid pattern of a site and be able to have it flown in a figure 8 pattern. For example, I need to map a site in a survey grid format N-S and E-W, I would like to fly one flight line N-S, then E-W, N-S, E-W etc etc, in a figure 8.

there is an option to do a cross grid, ie fly e-w, then n-s. a figure 8 seems like it would waste alot of time.

Yes that’s a great feature I just found. But figure 8 would be more idea. I use these flight tracks in my full sized aircraft. It takes less time to do figure 8 then to do a 180° turn. Especially when I’m flying Lidar equipment and can’t bank more then 20° or I could lose gps reception.