Fighter VTOL crash while landing - possible reasons

Hey guys,
I have been setting up the MFE Fighter VTOL system with different electronics for better performance and higher flight times.

VTOL motors - T-motor MN6007 II KV160
VTOL Props - G22x7.3"
Forward motor - T-motor AT4130 Long Shaft
Prop - APC15x8"
AP - Cube Orange + Kore Carrier Board
Batteries - 2 x Tattu 6s 16000mAh LiPo in parallel

With the latest configuration, I had the best tune and behavior in wind. The VTOL motors were operating at about 50% capacity during hover. After the initial setup and test flight with a Taranis and RFD900, we switched to a Herelink.
We set an auto mission with the Herelink and ran it, the flight went fairly well as the forward flight tuning needed some work. However, while descending to land one of the motors stopped midair and ended in a crash. Fortunately the electronics survived the crash with some damage to the frame and the forward propeller.
After going through the logs and checking the components on the ground, everything seems to be working just fine. The logs seem to point to a motor 1 failure, but that is not the case. Is there anything I’m missing here.
It would be really helpful if someone can assist us with this.
Crash Log
Thanks in advance

T-Motor FLAME ESCs are a known issue across this forum. They are very unreliable. Please switch over to either non T-Motor ESCs - or the Alpha series (I have good experience with these).