FFT parameters - relationship between Extended Tuning Page and Full Parameter Tree

I was about to change one of my FFT parameters today, and I realized that it’s unclear what the actual Harmonic Notch Filter parameters are that are represented on the Extended Tuning page.

Can someone please explain what the relationship is between the parameters who’s values are on these to screens?

FFT parameters compute dynamic parameters to be used as inputs to the dynamic notch filter.

So the two screens that you posted are two related but different things

Thanks @amilcarlucas - that’s about what I expected.

Still - it’s important to know what the relationships are. And for example - since the Mission Planner Extended Tuning page allows a user to input and change those parameters - is that ever something someone should do - or not do?

I can see without some explanations, and maybe some cautions, there’s a real chance of someone making a mistake.

It’s quite incredible that we can run a live FFT of vibrations and dynamicly adjust the harmonic notch filter in flight.
As Joseph has seen in another discussion he’s got this working well on a EDU450 with Cube Orange.
I would point out that this imposes quite some CPU load. If you have some other functions requiring some significant CPU time, you can disable live FFT and change the HNOTCH params over to using throttle or RPM based on the collected FFT data without compromising the effectiveness.
Of course the live FFT remains a good choice if you frequently change payloads.

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