FFT and COM Ports

On the latest version of mission planner the connection type always defaults to UDP is it possible to save the COM port.

On the FFT screen the frequency box appears but the actual frequency text is blinking in the box so fast it unreadable.

the comport issue has been fixed in beta MP.

I will look into the FTT display issue

Thanks if you need any additional info let me know

latest beta MP should fix both issues

Is there still an issue with com-port, because mission planner hides “Beta firmwares” after loading since 1.3.43
Latest MP stores last com-port but beta-software is still missing.
Installed 1.3.41 and 1.3.42 and “Beta firmwares” link is there.

… no failure, new feature: Mission Planner Advanced View now a dropdown

Michael thanks both issues fixed