FFT analysis on Mission planner

Good day all

I read a posting on this website about getting FFT going. They refered to:
INS_LOG_BAT_MASK that needs to be set.
On this drone, I am still on 3.5.5. Pixhack V3. MP 1.3.58.

I do not see this parameter.
I do find LOG_BITMASK which I set to 393214 All + FastIMU.

When I go CNTR-F and to FFT and try and access a log I get straight lines.
Am I still missing something ?
I am busy testing motors and props and I want to canalise the VibeX etc data.

One thing which I did notice, is that the FFT-screen under “Optional hardware” is not active.

Many thanks

Good day

I found my error.

I am updating the thread just incase someone else is battling with FFT
The LOG_BITMASK should be set to : 655358


update your mission planner. and there is now a fft menu to make this easier for you.