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FFT analysing in log does not look like the FFT in wiki


This is my log:
I am trying plot some information (following this wiki FTN1.BwAvg, FTN2[N].PkX, FTN2[N].PkY, FTN2[N].PkZ… but they are nothing but the flat line like this, except the FTN1.PkAvg

Could anyone please have a look and let me know if I did something wrong?

That’s really strange. Looks like you have done everything right. Maybe a logging issue? Check your bitmask and card speed. I also note a couple parameters listed twice which also seems really strange.

This is my LOG_ anf FFT_ parameters:


pardon me, what do you mean by “card speed”, It is new to me.

How fast your sdcard is

My test tool said around 8Mb/s - 10Mb/s (Read by cheap PC SD card reader). This is the original SD card coming with Cube Orange.

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