Few questions about Cube placement and magnetometer

Have a few question about arduboat installation:

  • Is it important to place cube as close as possible to center of rotation of boat yaw, pitch roll axis?

-How can i calibrate magnetometer without moving boat all around? Weight is around 70kg so it is kind of difficult for me to move it around its axis to calibrate compass.

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About the compass i guess i’ll go with compass_learn = 3 and run the boat aound for a while as described in the wiki, i hope it works.
No clue about cube placement yet.

For general setup of the boat i guess i should follow rover wiki, correct?

Would the “Large vehicle Calibration” work for you?


I was leaning towards compass_learn=3 do you see any problem in it? Seems much easier to use, just turn it on, drive around until it is done.

If it works it sounds great.

I would suggest using Magfit after you use that for the initial calibration. Thru MAVProxy it’s fairly straight forward.

You think it is mandatory to fine tune it with magfit?

No, not mandatory. If you are not getting mag errors after the initial calibration then you are probably OK.

Will try and see, don’t have a clue if mag on a boat is same/better/worse compared to a copter. Probably due to having more space i can place it further away from motor and cables.
If it’ll turn out more difficult than expected i may switch to gps yaw.

Any idea about cube placement? Does it have to be as close as possible to the boat roll/pitch center or doesn’t mean?

Thank you for your help.

This is not critical, center it the best you can given the build choices you have.

BTW-Nice boat! 3D printing sure is coming along. We are working with a company printing building structure in concrete.

Thank you.

Very handy to be able to print big object.

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Should i follow rover setup guide, like a skid steer rover for my boat?

Yes, if you have 2 thrusters.