Few problems with Mission planner

I’ve been using the current beta of mission planner for a little while but today I found that it couldn’t open .log files only .bin.

As this was proving an issue for me I decided to see if there was a newer update, which there wasn’t, before reverting back to the current main release version.
The .msi file downloaded fine but it refuses to install, always popping up with -

Error writing to file: C:\Program Files(x86)\Mission Panner\zh-Hans\MissionPlanner.Controls.resources.dll.
Verify that you have access to that directory.

When checking that folder all I have in it is - GMap.NET.Core.resources.dll and the folder is read/write enabled and not read only/hidden.

Any ideas? as currently I have no version of Mission Planner installed and kind of need it.

Found a work around.

Downloaded the .zip file version of Mission planner which was fine, until i went to unzip it to ProgramFiles(x86) at which point it generated over 100 errors of being unable to open the output file.

So, I unzipped it to a folder on the desktop, renamed that folder to Mission Planner and cut&pasted it into Programfiles(x86) which worked straight away.

Very confused.

I recently did a fresh re-installed MP and I found that no matter which drive I chose for installation, MP still installed to the drive ‘C’ .
I uninstalled & re-installed MP several times because I thought that it was something that I was doing…it wasn’t.
Other than that it installed without trouble for me.