Feedback on radiolink m8n GPS compass device

  1. compass calibration took 10 seconds!
  2. finds 15 sats. with 0.7 HDOP in clear wheater on open space. finds 14 sats indoors with 0.8 HDOP

my 10 bucks fake 6M unit could max find 9 sats(average of 7 sats little clouds and 4-6) with 1 to 2.5 HDOP values.

Compass has no issues on the EKF section. the &M one had a problematic compass.

I 100 percent suggest people to buy this GPS/COMPASS unit! worked like a charm!

device comes in a box with a 10cm bar for fixing however i didn’t use it. It also comes with an adapter for APM devices!
Thanks for the read!