Features of Arducopter 3.2

Actually I only wanted to include the code for servo-mixing into my
ArduCopter 3.1, but while using the flash tool so I could upload the modified code it actually flashed ArduCopter 3.2-dev to my board.
I only noticed by accident when connected to MP that I’m not running 3.1, but 3.2-dev.
Sooo I’m wondering if 3.2-dev is safe enough to keep or if I should reflash and make sure I get 3.1.
Searching for 3.2 I couldn’t find anything about what changes will be included, if it’s a big leap or just minor adjustments, etc.
Could anyone point me in the right direction, i.e. where I can find infos about the upcoming 3.2 release?
If it’s there, it’s really hidden very well…
Ah, by the way, the servo-mixing (for super-simple-gimbal) works extremely well. Much smoother than my previous attempt with the ordinary servo controls and a hardware v-tail mixer.

Currently, all you can do, is to browse all changes since 3.1 in git, and read comments there.