Feature Request?

Ive been using droidplanner on a nexus 7 in some remote locations to do aerial survey for archaeological research with both planes and multi-rotors. Droidplanner has been a big improvement, allowing me to more easily move around the landscape during and between missions without being tethered to a laptop.

My feature request is this: would it be possible to have the ability to display several missions at a time in the planning screen? I find myself trying to map large and sometimes awkwardly shaped sites and landscapes across multiple missions and want to be able to keep track of how much overlap there is between all missions (which are all constructed using auto-grid). Or even a way of generating an automatic grid of grids (generate multiple grid missions at once). This might be too difficult to implement, but after my recent fieldwork sessions I found myself really wishing I could visualize what my flights had covered without having to download the gps files to a computer after the fact to check in Google Earth.

I understand if this is not possible.


Hi achiii,

A question for you: you are saying you use DroidPlanner for both plane and multi-rotors.
In a message from one developer he said DroidPlanner is only for multi-rotors (not yet plane). Now I am wondering which is the correct answer?
I notice the in DP setup there is an option to choose between Copter, Plane or Rover.
Are you using that option when you switch the model?

I am also planning to use DP for plane, but I was sure this is not yet functional.
Please provide some detail.

About your suggestion, this is nice to have.

I was using it with both plane and hex/quad, but not in the same manner for both. I was NOT using the planning tab with the plane, I was only using telemetry for monitoring the GPS position and current mode. I did also use it to check some configuration info at one point. I did not realize droidplanner was not supposed to be ready for prime time with arduplane.